A good ten years ago Rainer Helms, deputy chair of the landscape conservation organisation "Mittleres Elstertal" came up with the idea for the "Glass Ark 3" project. Since 2006, the organisation, which is active in the Burgenland district of Saxony-Anhalt, has put a lot of dedication and lifeblood into planning and organising the glass boat’s journey.

Glass artists

Following the success of the first glass ark projects in Bavaria and Bohemia, the initiators of "Glass Ark 3" were particularly focused on recruiting the glass artists for the new project as well. Happily, Ronald Fischer and all of his artist colleagues, Stefan Stangl, Jo Joachimsthaler and Alexander Wallner, were immediately excited by the idea and, layer by layer, started bringing the third glass boat of its kind to life in November 2015.

Wood artists

The oak hand was designed and created by wood artists Christian Schmidt and Sergiy Dyschlevyy. It acts as a material counterweight to the glass ark, fusing with it to create a symbolic and artistic object.